Dive into the realm of Movement Science, merging scientific inquiry with insights from liberal arts disciplines.

Liberal Edge

Study the Liberal Arts Alongside Your Sports Science Degree

Unravel the mysteries of Movement Science and gain a deeper understanding of the world with our unique Sports science and Liberal Arts program. Combine scientific insights into the mind with perspectives from history, literature, and philosophy, and forge valuable connections between disciplines. Equip yourself with transferable skills, explore diverse career paths, and embark on a transformative journey of intellectual growth. Ultimately, the synergy between Sports science and liberal arts fosters a deeper appreciation for the human condition, preparing you to navigate the complexities of our world with wisdom and empathy.

Explore diverse domains beyond the boundaries of Sports Science

Entrepreneurship & Family Business
Fashion and Textiles
History and Philosophy
Science and Technology
Public Policy and Governance
Music and Art
Global Culture & Languages
Empowering Community