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After completing your BSc in Sports Science, you have a wide range of exciting options for further study. You can pursue MSc in Sport & Exercise Science or Performance Coaching or Strength & Conditioning delving deeper into specific areas of Sports Science, such as Exercise Physiology, Bio Mechanics, or Sports Management, in top Universities of the world.

There are other options such as Sports Psychology, Performance Nutrition or specialized certifications in High performance coaching.

Careers Trajectories of Sports Scientist

Government Agencies
Applied Sport Scientist, Junior Consultant, Athlete Relationship Manager, Young Professional.

Private Corporations
Sports Scientist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Performance Analyst, Exercise Physiologist.

Non-profit Organizations
Sports Coordinator, Athlete Manager, Sports Administrator, Data Analyst,
Rehabilitation assistant.

Major Sports Leagues
High Performance Coach, Video Analyst, Physical Therapist, Sports Management Consultant.

Our Alumni

Embark on a journey of inspiration and excellence as our alumni, globally dispersed, pursue advanced studies in prestigious universities worldwide. Our graduates, now enrolled in top-tier master’s programs, stand as living testaments to the caliber and global recognition of the education we provide.

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